Sleepy Maggie

I’m a retired freelance journalist – small “j”. I don’t strut that thing. It just means I write and research – and read. I’m frighteningly smart, though. That should scare you.

I’m also retired from managing a women’s homeless shelter. I understand more than you know.

I’m considered a senior, married, and mom to 4 babycats. Since I’m an extreme introvert, socializing is not my thing, but it was just suggested I try some sort of SMS. That made me laugh, but I did join MeWe and Reddit as a short-term experiment. I doubt it will last long.

I generally post whatever crosses my mind each day, and I am most definitely a polymath. I have zero tolerance for groupthink and idiocy. Fools do make me suffer. I’m disabled and opinionated. My tolerance level is zero.

Still you’re welcome to email me.

Grab a coffee and and stay a while.