Sleepy Maggie

I’m a retired freelance journalist – small “j”. I don’t strut that thing. It just means I write and research – and read. I’m frighteningly smart, though. That should scare you.

I’m retired from managing a women’s homeless shelter. I’ve been overseas multiple places. I understand more than you know.

I’m considered a senior, married, and mom to 4 (now 3) babycats. Since I’m an extreme introvert, socializing is not my thing, but it was just suggested I try some sort of social media. That made me laugh, but I did join MeWe and Reddit as a short-term experiment. It didn’t last long. I went to WT.Social and despite my admiration for Jimmy, I left it, too.

I generally post whatever crosses my mind each day here, and I am most definitely a polymath. I have zero tolerance for groupthink and idiocy. Fools do make me suffer, and there are millions of them in the U.S. alone.

I’m disabled and opinionated. My tolerance level is zero.

Still you’re welcome to email me as long as a) you’re not selling stuff or b) offering me some sort of job. The term “leave me alone” comes to mind.

Grab a coffee and and stay a while.