The Ida Report

It looks like Ida's damage, while creating a state of emergency in parts of Virginia, will likely not cause much damage in Richmond, and certainly not here. The VIPIR Alert looks ominous for those in the path, especially regarding heavy rain, damaging winds, and tornados. Shades of Tornado Alley back home in Iowa! Truly, though, … Continue reading The Ida Report

Ida? What?

We live on a hill. Gully washers run down from us. This is true of most precipitation. When we get flash flood warnings, it's easy to look down the hill and understand it's there, not here. Usually. This time looks to be typical. By the time Ida comes near central Virginia, she will have thrown … Continue reading Ida? What?

It was Wet, Mommy!

Thunder started at 6:30. No boy appeared on the porch. Heavy rains hit a half hour later. No boy. Apparently he was having a good time goofing off. He finally showed up about bedtime after the rains stopped. He must have gotten his toe beans wet!