Our Babycats

Roger, while not the youngest by any means, maybe 10 years old, is our newest addition to vet records listing us as his “parents”. He has now, after at least 8 years visiting Mark as an adult, come to live with us and expects us to cater to his wishes every day. He comes in at night, guards the porch, and rides the fences. He’s a people kitty and enjoys everyone. We couldn’t ask for more.

Gizzie was born in my closet May 18th, 2008. He has been my coworker all his little life, caring for other homeless kittens, greeting homeless people at a shelter he and I once managed, and babysitting regularly. To this day, when he hears a baby crying on television he perks up and looks for it. He hasn’t changed in 13 years. He is a little love bug.

And these two! Lily is our only little girl. She’s a conniving little mercenary. She comes to me when she smells fish. Must have fish or she will die! Isn’t she cute, though?

Pip is our polite and quiet tuxedo boy and just looks at you. You just know that he loves you.

Lily and Pip were here first, officially adopted from the local ASPCA when they were kittens. They’re probably 8 now.

Everyone gets along. There are no real fights. They blend well.