Why did I think it was Caturday? Why did I ever think today would be normal? Why? Just why?

It started at Catrise, around 5 a.m. I think that was why I thought it was Caturday. Thank you, Gizzie.

Then my body started rejecting everything. That took about an hour out of my morning, and it certainly wasn’t a regular part of my routine. To say I feel emotionally and physically drained would be an understatement.


I have had my first coffee.

Gizzie is snuggled on my footrest underneath my knees. I’m covered (creating a pup tent for Gizzie) and waiting for questionable bad weather in a couple of days.

And I ordered a wireless charger to replace the plug-in one that just went belly up.

Expect the unexpected. Life is good, really. And I have books.

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