Fake, Fake, Fake!

Yesterday I got hit on Twitter with a very conversational version of Sean Dietrich. Something about it just wasn’t right, including the fact that he doesnt’t know me from Adam’s off ox. It was definitely, upon further scrutiny, not Sean.

Twitter had not authenticated and secured the profile – no blue tic, in particular. The fact that the entity asked for my personal mail, phone number, and MONEY were dead giveaways.

I have all Sean’s books. I’ve read his blogs for years. I was very aware of his journalistic past. I have wanted to adopt him all this time. He’s the right age. I also think Jamie is terrific!

The @ was wrong on this account, though. @SeanDietrich_ is not him. I reported it and made sure it was gone. Beware!

As a small side note, my Twitter handle is @MDorrohWrites in case you ever want to stop by.

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