From Max and the kids at Morning Brew. Thanks, guys!

This is how I feel about “resolutions”. I don’t go through the process of try-and-fail every year. Why should I?

I’m 68 years old. I’m still breathing. The way I see it, officially creating a list to check off is a societal contrivance. I don’t participate. I have deep heartfelt reasons for what I do that have nothing to do with lists. I’ve been mistaken many times. I’m still learning from those mistakes. I don’t need a freaking list.

We are financially secure. We know how to live healthy lives within our means. Our babycats give us plenty of excitement. We read. We are accountable to no one.

I’ve spent 40 years thinking I need to write a book. Now I have a reason to do so, so it’s getting done. I don’t need a resolution to write this.

That’s the way it is at the Dorroh estate. Is it time for lunch?

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