I am not at all chained to a religious practice. I can’t even say I’m even an atheist or agnostic. In order to believe in a god or gods, one has to think they exist.

My grandfather was a well-loved Methodist minister. My dad was a strong believer, probably because of him. The way I see it, they were who they were, but they are not me.

In what do I believe? I can’t and don’t think I believe in anything of this nature, but I respect your right to do so. Maybe that’s my belief. Tolerance. Mindfulness. Giving and receiving.

I definitely don’t believe in some things. I don’t believe in bullies. (Yes, Kamala, I’m looking directly at you.) I don’t believe in egotism or the behavior of assholes. (Trump, that look’s for you.) I don’t believe in purposeful ignorance. The list goes on.

I despise purported insurrection, its violence, and honoring it, so I don’t.

Be smart. Do what I do and breathe.

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