Interesting News

Lizzie Holmes goes to prison for her involvement in the Silicon Valley debacle. Some charges were thrown out, but not all of them. Thank god. Expect a book this year, though. I won’t buy it, but I’m sure others will. Poor, poor pitiful her.

But I’m cute!

Amanda Chase, despite her incorrigible political stance, gets a pat on the back for stopping her rerun for Congress. According to her, even with the redistricting in Virginia, we have able Republicans already there.

She’s probably right. I do appreciate Bobby Scott, though. He happens to be a Democrat. You know me. I am a believer in individuals, not the party system.

Feature story across the U.S.: According to the GOP, the 1/6/21 insurrection wasn’t violent. If a person dies needlessly, that, to me, means the incident was violent. In what universe do they live?

I’m beginning to think my friend Stephen Marche was right.

The U.S. is disintegrating. This came out today. It is now my current read.

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