Boxing Day

There are myriad speculations as to the longstanding traditions of Boxing Day, also known as St. Stephen’s Day. Some say it goes back to alms boxes for the poor set out in front of churches as far back as 336 AD.

Then they claimed a version that continued all the way to the 1800s and the embarrassingly rich Brit landowners’ token acknowledgement of their servants’ work through giving them a box or two of leftovers, maybe a wrapped present, and at least part of a day off.

Now? After-Christmas sales and bank holidays. Oh, and continue to take care of the poor.

We acknowledge Boxing Day with extra boxes for our babycats. As far as honoring the plight of the poor, I do that every day. I don’t need a special season or day of the year to promote myself as some sort of a good guy for doing so.

I live comfortably. I can and do believe in kindness to others. I acknowledge that there are those who have to honor special traditions for their own egos. I just don’t fill my life with all these myths.

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