I was Born on a Wednesday


We started the day with the usual Lily wake-up pet demands, followed by the not-so-usual Gizzie throwing up. I wasn’t even out of bed yet. My body wanted to know what happened to the night. It still does.

Trivia: The yellow caps on Coca Cola bottles in spring, coupled with the kosher use of sucrose instead of corn syrup is to honor Passover. La chaim, everyone, and thank you, Snopes, for this bit of information.

I’m going to re-think my use of WalMart for anything other than food delivery. Their failure rate for me for other things is about 90%. Not good. The food delivery is worth $100 a year to me. We’ll see about anybody else.

Twitter? That’s where I found Snopes. I know that Jim is there. I love his photography.

But for me, there is such a thing as too effing much politics. And there are certain, probably all, politicians, I cannot stand…so there you go.

I enjoy Hugh Jackman and my archaeology people. Political garbage just can go rot.

Today, I need to pick up the pieces and write on. I’ll let you know how that goes.

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