Things are Supposed to Happen

You would have thought something earth-shaking would have happened this weekend. I’m still waiting.

Gizzie slept on my chest most of the night. Lost was my usual mobility, so my normal shift to decrease pain in my hips didn’t happen. I love my boy. He so rarely does this these days that I feel lucky to have him there.

The next surprise of the morning was Lily’s acceptance of morning pets from me without fussing. That’s new.

Supposedly Mark’s present that I ordered on the 4th was set to ship on the 5th. It’s being sent via FedEx from Michigan, or so they say. What’s their mode of transport? Horse and buggy? Did someone get new roller skates? Maybe some fancy PF Flyers? Come on, WalMart. I am this close to quitting you, subscription or not. You have now screwed up my orders eight times since September. I’ve lost my patience.

I’m tired already. How in the heck does Betty White do it??

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