Remember the Concept…

…of Silent Sunday? Lily manhandled that early.

Who, me???

After harassing Gizzie and bullying Pip to the point he actually complained to us about it, we were about 15 minutes to sunrise. Gizzie spent his time after that hiding under the walker. That’s his barrier against Lily the Lurker.

It was a rough night. Tigger tends to snore, and usually it doesn’t bother me, but at times Chicago’s Union Station cannot compete. Last night was one of those nights. So today I have a raging headache.

I Twittered early, found out Anne Rice passed away, and enjoyed the quips and quirks of a few people I follow. I have one follower over there. I appreciate that. She’s great. I found her here first. She makes me smile – and she’s smart! She could be my granddaughter.

The rest of the people I follow make me feel like I’m having my morning coffee with the intelligentsia. My day is thus well anchored.

I am done with chemo. I’m still alive in spite of it. Incredible. I’m either more Viking than I thought or I did something right.

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