I’ve been squirreling about all morning, reading a bit, sitting uncomfortably with Gizzie (he’s the comfortable one), pretending to be warm, admitting my disabilites, accepting that Facebook refers to me as abusive just in trying to restart an account, and realizing that every developer who has created a social app thinks my encrypted and secure Swiss-based email is a nonstarter for them. I went back to Twitter. MeWe, Parler, Gettr, and a bunch of others are clearly scared of me. I’m not within their algorithmic form.

Twitter, at least, accepts me as I am. I’m just there to selectively read real information. So far today, I’ve read a few of Jim’s Tweets and posted two about books. I think I’m following eleven people.

I do expect some people somewhere wonder where I am, but until they climb out from the Facebook blanket of MISinformation, they won’t really find me. I told them that long ago when I created my WordPress site, anyway. And I’m not big on chit-chat.

Like Jim, I drink coffee and plug in our babycats first thing. Actually, it’s the other way around here…

@MaggieDorroh on Twitter. That’s my occasional vacay home. My estate, though, is here.

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