Feline Freaky Friday

It was still dark when Gizzie got up, but nobody else could be bothered. He gave up and went off to the living room to see what everyone else was up to. The colony became restless by 7:30. Tigger got up to feed them.

Okay, guys. Let’s go.

Lily mews her breakfast order. I wouldn’t be surprised if the neighbors heard her. She’s quite emphatic. Everyone else just knows where to go.

It’s adorable to see our three little “piggies” with their tails in the air trotting to the kitchen following Daddy. It’s a scene from The Pied Piper. I relish this every morning. Daddy’s on the move and they’re right behind him.

After second brekkie, which is part of the ritual, they all settle down for their after brekkie snooze. Lily and Pip are usually in another room. This, however, is one of Gizzie’s favorite places to be – between Daddy’s legs on the footrest.

What’s cute is that he seems to always ask permission first.

This morning, my Delancy Place newsletter showed me a new book I am going to have to find.

I know the story of E.H. Harriman, rail tycoon and adventurer in the late 1800s, associate of John Muir, but his book just might be worth a library hunt. Harriman’s story is fascinating.

I have to do chemotherapy one last time tomorrow and then the cycle is done. This has been and is hell still. I did this for the Big Pharma fans. They just don’t care that I said “no” in the first place. I know my history; they don’t. The day they actually listen to me will be a red letter day in history. I’m not a stupid elderly woman – just elderly and smart enough they should be scared.

I’m going to ignore the bastards and get on with it. I woke up today. That’s a good start. I’m just waiting for today’s horrendous depression to hit.

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