You Stink

DEAR SEAN: As an author and teacher, for over 30 years, I’m disappointed in where I see young people such as yourself taking the written word. Writing for “likes” online is not the same as writing because you actually have something to say. I don’t need a response, LADY-OF-MAINE DEAR MAINE: In fourth grade I…

You Stink

Oh, yeah? Well, take THIS “like”, oh pathetic princess of questionable ilk.

This is my response you don’t need: I read Sean every day. I appreciate what he says, and he’s right in his inference that you are akin to a 4th grade bully, and, I might add, just as immature.

I, myself, write every day. Why? My dear old broad, BECAUSE I want to write. I feel like writing. It has absolutely nothing to do with others. I don’t need to sell books, either. I actually refuse to sell what I’ve written. I don’t need to stroke my ego that way.

You, on the other hand need that stroke. You won’t get it from me.

I don’t know you at all. I don’t even want to know you. You are a lousy critic. I hope Sean puts your putrid attempts at literary criticism where they belong – spat out like watermelon seeds in the nearest trash can.

I have more than a handful of literary degrees. I write for me and not anyone else in any form, including likes. I just am. From what I can tell you just aren’t.

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