We Tried.

We wanted to see how easy it would be to get Gizzie, our biggest boy, into our pet restraint bag. He doesn’t need it, Roger does, but if we can get our calm little easygoing boy into it, Roger might work.

The problem? He’s too big. The bag is for cats 10 lb. or under. Gizzie is at least 12. He might be bigger.

When Roger comes back in we will try to get him into it. It all depends on Chicken Tigger’s behavior. He’s afraid of Roger scratching him.

I’m not. Be calm, and they’ll be calm in return. But, boy, Tigger is anything but. He worries so much about every little thing, he needs Seroquel to function. He makes a lousy candidate for parenthood. I’m glad we don’t have any human kids.