Veterans Day With Preschoolers

Preschoolers need hands-on experiences to help cement their learning.  Today we learned about the American flag, so making one was just the right thing to do, because patriotism begins with our flag.  We needed to thank our veterans, but let me back up… Years ago, when we were able to take field trips with children, […]

Veterans Day With Preschoolers

Patriotism is a beautiful thing. Jennie is right, even though it’s not just preschoolers who should learn.

I am having trouble responding to full out American patriotism because it seems so widespread, emotional, and misunderstood. Please. Read history about other places in the world that fought desperately for their own rights to stand tall. There are so many others whose flags still fly because of their own faith in their nation.

My biological grandfather was a British officer and veteran in WWI. My biological grandmother was a Belgian veteran at that time. There are millions of international veterans.

Understand American patriotism. Understand others, as well. We are not the only ones.