Well, Crap.

And I mean that literally. This cream right here is potent as hell. We put it in its 1″ square designated spot on Monday. It absorbed into my skin and, like a Viking warrior, destroyed the heck out of every questionable cell it could find.

That’s the plus. The side effects? Every single one of them, especially explosive diarrhea and copious diuresis two days after that one dose and without the next one yet!

This morning was a massive mess. Cleaning up was a nightmare to me. It left me more than a little grouchy. I even had to mop the floor because Tigger couldn’t see it, and I could.

There is no such thing as a “mild” type of chemotherapy for me. Ever. I can count on getting every side effect. There’s no “if” to it.

This is one reason I hate the stuff. The mess, sore throat, chills, headache and diuresis all continue. I am not deterred from writing, though.

Onward and upward!