This is an Emotional Day

I had very little sleep last night. I feel very sorry for whichever neighbor left a dog outside. That poor baby barked until 3 or 4 this morning. One of the other neighbors complained loudly at about 2. They LAUGHED! It pissed me off. They don’t deserve that baby. At all.

Then I read the blog post Carrot of theDIHEDRAL wrote about Afghanistan. I cried and needed to reblog it. Memories of my time in Kosovo, whose heavy religious preference is now at 97% Islam, came pouring out. I did what I could to find food and shelter for families in Leposavić. I gently and quietly taught, not just women and girls, but men and boys. Existing in this war-torn area was very fundamental. I tried very hard until the U.S. government forced me home.

Today, I will continue to read. I fully expect my heart to be torn to shreds.

I also have posts to write and more to put into my own book.

Happy Caturday from the babycats.