Another Day, Just Like the Other Ones

Ooommm. Meditation begets patience. Patience means I will live longer.

Again, over something I innocently said about Gizzie’s adorable ways when he babysits me, I got The Snap. Because this had happened in the bathroom, in his head it involved the toilet even when no such thing was happening or actually said.

He decided, in his infinite lack of wisdom, that I was being gross while he was eating. I cried. According to him, that was my fault because it made him feel bad. It doesn’t matter that he made me feel awful first. It’s his way first and foremost.

His idiosyncrasies make him behave like a spoiled toddler. I never know what will set him off next. I can make a small unrelated statement. The fact that I dared to open my mouth at all will often do it. Or not say anything. The fact that I even exist will do it.

I must be a little mouse in the corner.