Not for Sale

The first morning tangent is to make sure all local realtors understand that our beautiful little home cannot be bought until we die. They need to stop freaking calling us. Tigger just doesn’t answer their calls.

I’d prefer they didn’t call us at all – and stop showing our property on their websites! We’re private homebodies. They’re nosy parkers. Bugger off. Tigger doesn’t want to unleash me on them.

The thing is they’re greedy and they think everyone should be. Who could not possibly want a bigger and up-and-coming house during a time of economic fear?

We happen to live in a neighborhood that caters to rebuilding right now – except our house, period. Houses built in 1962 seem to be passé, but not to us. We love our cosy little house just as it is. We don’t need to modernize.

What the everloving heck, yeah? Be happy with what you have. That’s our take on it. How could you not love this!