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Normal? Eh…

It’s Caturday. Today my Mother of Cats t-shirt arrives! I love these little troublemakers!

My level of normal is back. My BP was 135/85 this morning. I’m happy with that. Tigger agrees.

My functionality is back to what I’m used to. I did not have any sort of actual stroke on Thursday. All my body functions are back to their “abbynormal” drug-induced state.

Reminder: It’s THEIR prescription choices from the last three years that cause this, not my choices at all. If they gave me any choices, I’d make several changes, but I’m not allowed by most of medical people at VCU. I’m not considered an “expert”, like they are, of course. I only research and ask appropriate questions they can’t answer.

At this point, I trust Dr. Gertz, my original cardiologist, and Juliette Staples, my favorite NP. Pankty Desai from Neurology runs very close, especially since she is calm, very logical, and (keyword) listens.

I insist I am not dying or dead. We chug along.