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I Swear. I’m Not Dead.

They took my blood pressure today. It was stroke-level high. Why, you ask? Combine White-coat hypertension with agorophobia and taking my BP on my left instead of my right. Sheeit. And they wonder about me, do they? I am one unique antique.

The NP who saw me was the same woman who was there to see the damage done from the insertion of the ICD that I had told the “experts” would further damage my chest because of the very old radiation therapy damage to that area. It turns out I was right and they goofed. (Imagine that.) This woman, though? She knew, she remembered, and she was on my side.

I had a doppler today on my left and right sides: 90% clear on my right, and 50% clear on my left. In both cases I was good to go. Things hadn’t changed in 3 years. My diet was optimal; I don’t drink or smoke. It’s all good.

She cleared me and said we’d see her in two years. Always, always listen to the patients when they talk about their history. You just never know. She did just that.

Coming home, my BP was coming down fast. Once I saw my babycat, it came plummeting down. He also hopped in bed with me and washed me. He wanted to get all the doctor-y stuff off of me.

You should be so lucky!