Nikola Tesla

One of the most brilliant minds of the 20th Century was Nikola Tesla. Unfortunately much of his work was stolen by carnival barker Thomas Edison who actually did much work of his own, launching off of Tesla’s original work and then trying to call it his, but seemed to be so afraid of Nikola that he couldn’t give him the proper credit.

Jeff Bezos and Zuck the Schmuck fall into the carnival barker category. The difference? They both cheat and steal worse than Edison could even believe was possible.

Congratulations to Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen! Long may she stand. I just downloaded the Pandora Papers. Something interesting to read! It makes me glad they algorhythmically pointed a gun at me and missed.

I am now using WordPress after Zuck used his own levels of Chinese misinformation to delete my account. Everything I said about my hero Warren Buffett was true based on a lifetime of hearing his advice in person. Zuck was screamingly wrong. Fuck Zuck.

Bezos? After all his mewling and whining – and trying to buy his way into everything – I quit Amazon and went to Walmart and Roku. I’ve never been sorry. I can’t be bought.