I have surprised myself with my ability to be tolerant. At times I feel the Virgin Mary has nothing on me.

It used to upset me when I was treated like an uneducated 12 year old. Then I realized it’s a combination of age, defence mechanisms, and the need for the balancing effect the SSRIs provide.

The fact that he doesn’t really ever listen to me or remember real, tangible conversations is just a part of his development over the years. I don’t know much about his first wife, but I understand fully why he stopped listening to anything his second wife said. She’s not as bright as she thinks she is. She has very few friends (1? Maybe 2?) for a reason. She is extremely irritating and abrasive. I actually know more than she does. But I digress.

I love Tigger with all my heart. My senses of logic and practicality scream, though. While I live for a full day of better mental treatment, I know it will never happen. Many things he says are just either chatter or meant differently than how they come out. It just is.

I choose to change my attitude and let him have his way.