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Whoa! Books!

I had 5 on my wish list. I grabbed all 5. Then I found another dozen Upton Sinclairs, W.H.R. Rivers, Henry Georges and George Orwells that were free. Now I need to stop and read for a good two months.

I’m glad I picked up the Kobo app for my tablet. It’s been fun to maneuver, and I was able to transfer almost everything I had over from other places except Amazon. Still, it’s better than Kindle, to me. In many cases they were cheaper. Anything else I would have wished I kept from that .azw app I can pick up later down the road. I do need to put Kristin Hannah’s books back in my library, though.

Did I forget to do anything yet? No? Good. Time to read. 🙂 The bills are paid. Banking is done.