A Day of Financial Chaos.

I was up early transferring money from my retirement account to Tigger’s bank for my share of household expenses. Then banking and books, in that order.

My usual payday is the 3rd of the month, but since that’s Sunday, it dropped in today. I’m good with it. I have one thing left to do later, and that is pay my share of vet bills. They aren’t so bad this month.

I figured out last night that I don’t belong in the primary category Baby Boomer. I am on the cusp of the subgroup Generation Jones. That makes me a Blooming Joneser, right?

I remember the beginning of the Cold War, the Kennedy assassination, a whole bunch of stuff happening in the late 50s, and, in detail, how I became a legit hippie along with so many other Jonesers at the time.

I have much to do. Talk later.