Life’s Mysteries

People live to complain. If they can’t find something that’s already there, they make something up and brand it as journalistic news reporting. News? It’s not. Sensationalism? THERE ya go. I quit subscribing to Google News because of their penchant for feeding us poisonous snakes, so to speak. I now stick to foreign news sources that also include some U.S. news. It’s handled better by a long shot.

And social media? It’s no longer my thing. It’s depressing and slanted. I’ll never go back. Facebook and Zuck the Schmuck are pretty much the worst. Zuck eats this up. As far as he’s concerned, negative notoriety is a wonderful thing. Zuck is an embarrassment to pigs. He feeds on news sources, who feed him regularly.

And Bezos, too, don’t forget. My level of ethics and principles just can’t be lowered that far. I quit Amazon months ago just for this reason.

People in general think they’re open-minded. They’re not. Tigger is one of the worst, in fact. Imagine living with this like I do. Imagine yourself as the self-imposed “voice of authority”, as he does.

The U.S. can’t seem to do two things: stay out of things that are none of their business and complain about history and culture that’s older than dirt. Again, none of their GD business. They also don’t like to realistically think outside the box. What they DO like to do is create drama and call it a liberated view. It’s not. It’s irrational. It makes them do ignorant things like attempt to rewrite history. It also creates an either/or environment.

This irritates me.

Research and learn from various points of view. It’s amazing what you’ll discover. I tolerate the general public, but they create their own messes. They need to stay away from me.