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Virginia Belle? This is why.

I hadn’t heard Stephen Foster’s Virginia Belle since my very young days in Iowa. I can still hear Daddy’s beautiful and mellow voice as he sang it one day for me. For some reason, it was my earworm yesterday, Daddy and all. He always had tears in his eyes.

Hence this latest thematic change. It makes sense. I live in Virginia now. I am no longer a Mississippi (river) Belle.

Foster also brings back memories of the Civil War era. Virginia Belle was written in 1860. Not only were we all at battle, but children were dying at high rates, most noted from cholera, before their 5th birthday.

There were many things that happened during that time in history. They should all be noted, not rewritten. Explain. Understand. Only true idiots rewrite history and refuse its existence. They act like it never happened.

May they all go to hell.