Treats Warning

Watch how much you give your babycats! Too many treats all at once can do everything from make them obese to make them sick.

Yesterday we received a package from my sister and my grandniece full of cat treats. It was very thoughtful, especially of my grandniece who will be a veterinarian someday, to send this. She spent a long time making sure she got the healthiest ones, reading labels carefully.

She did the right thing entirely. She wasn’t banking on her idiot uncle screwing up the process. HE didn’t read. He didn’t understand the definition of “moderation”.

Read the effing label. Give them A TREAT, not half the bag.

The consequence this morning was trying to find Lily’s hiding place, locating her behind the stove, and making a mad run, waking his ex-wife to take him, to the emergency vet clinic.

He couldn’t wait for me to come out of the bathroom. I could have told him what was wrong. Instead, he just spent hundreds of dollars and godknows how much time wasted at the poor vet’s.

I can see why he never had kids. I feel sorry for our babycats sometimes. He doesn’t read, listen, or think anyone else knows anything.

Gizzie is worried for his Great Tormenter.

He’s watching the door…any minute now…He can’t wait to sniff her tail. He just knows she’s been somewhere After all, Daddy used the cat carrier…

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