Here Goes Wednesday.

Lily was hard to find this morning. Tigger went into scattergun panic mode. She must be dying. He was sure of it. After tearing up the various rooms in the house, he found her in her usual “I feel sick” place behind the stove.

He contacted his ex, they took her to the vet, and…nobody listened to me yet again. Before I had a chance to explain that she’d had too many treats (She should only have one a day because she’s small.), he was gone to spend hundreds of dollars and several hours with his ex at the vet hospital.

Only to find – shock of shocks – that I was right. Yet again.

Gizzie wants her home.

He misses her.

I’ve spent the time putting back furniture, shoving the stove back, making the bed, drying laundry and turning off unnecessary lights. I might as well do useful things.