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Continuing On Today…

I will finish The Hour of the Witch today. I have heard stories such as this throughout my life. I really hadn’t thought about this before, but I even have family members who bear striking resemblances to Caleb Adams, Goody Howland, Thomas Deerfield, Reverend Eliot, Catherine Stileman, Peregrine Cooke, and others.

I was surrounded, until recently, by small-minded, ignorant, malicious, and historically inept Bible thumpers and mystics.

The truth is that if I were going to live in a fantasy world, I would choose Baby Groot as my BFF. I just don’t live that way.

I seek truth and honesty. Neither exist in the stories written by others, especially those who hear “voices”. I look around and see things. I hold to my innate instincts. The logic within me tells me to do good, not other humans, and certainly not “voices”.

This is my environment. I became who I am because of that environment.