The babycats began jumping on the bed at about 10 after 6:00. Actual sunrise was at 6:48. They can’t tell time. They just go with what feels right to them. Nevermind how we humans feel about the dark. It doesn’t affect kitty time.

I had the added pleasure of a few hours of snuggle time with Gizzie last night. When he’s in the mood, he wedges himself in tight on my left side, buries his nose, and sighs.

I wouldn’t have it any other way. He’s apparently quite happy. So am I.

Gizzie is remarkably left sided. He will always go to my left. He has all of his little life. In 13 years, this has never changed.

It almost seems he knows I’m left-handed. He reminds me often that he knows this.

The day has begun. By now the babycats have been fed 3 times. The sun is up. All’s right with the babycats’ world.