Sanctimonious Jerks

In my life, too many people, especially evangelical true believers, fit this to a T. Most of them, unfortunately, were/are family members.

Their behavior is what has prompted me to look around. At first, I was very confused. I had spent most of my life with monotheism shoved down my throat.

As I have since realized, monotheism is a human construction. People thought of this, not some universal entity.

In fact all beliefs in a god or gods and their mysticism have been derived from man and subsequent superstitions. They all have elements of truth but aren’t complete truths. Too much historical knowledge, which is in and of itself, full of yet undiscovered errors, has started to disprove many of the old “truths”.

I consider myself an omnist for this reason. I am also both nature and science driven. There are no actual tangible places known as Heaven and Hell. I follow what appears as instinctively right in my life.

One of those things is to avoid being a sanctimonious jerk.