Customer Service

Thirty-three. There are 33 senses in the human body. All these years we’ve had it wrong, believing there were only five senses. During my childhood, my first-grade teacher would stand before our class and lead us in a cute little song about the five senses. We’d all do a little dance and wiggle our little […]

Customer Service

This was where I first learned the proper use of the term “dolt”.

We were at Graham’s. I was 11. I was standing in that very same line behind Mama.

I vaguely recall some high school kid behind the counter trying to “‘splain” that the receipt was faded and unreadable, despite the fact Mama was holding the item, unopened, in her hands with Graham’s sales tag still attached to it. In fact, this same kid had waited on her three days before when she originally bought it.

Mama was frustrated. The kid was less than smart.

There you have it. Proof in 1964 that there are at least 30 senses.