The band was all right. They played to a crowded joint of people who’d clocked out for the weekend. Folks who needed something greasy to eat and cold to drink. Band members had gray hair, Western-style shirts, hats, boots. The whole nine yards. “They’re here every Friday,” said the bartender. “Aren’t they awesome?” The jury’s…


Me, too. Chemo has nearly killed me 3 times. It did kill my mother. I understand entirely how the boy felt.

For me, the first and second times were prednisone. This last time it was methotrexate. I halted them myself.

Medicine is a noise. I had to stop the noise on my own because “authorities” wouldn’t listen to me. They continued to make noise. They still try to this day.

I will never take chemo again. I already made Tigger promise me that he’d honor my decision. I expect everyone to understand.