Never Assume

One point I remembered from my childhood is that no matter what you think you know, never assume you really know until you have researched it and can prove your point. The smallest thing could turn you into an arrogant know-nothing.

Last night amazingly proved that point in my life. Tigger criticized me for using the phrase “anxiously await” incorrectly. Even though I have several degrees in English, I would never yell at him for daring to question me on the usage of something so trivial.

I did look it up, though, because it bothered me that, after all these decades, I could have been using the phrase improperly. It turns out I used the phrase properly. “Anxious” in this case is synonymous with “eager”. It is not an exclusively psychiatric term, as he so erroneously explained to me.

I was right. I kept my mouth shut. Let him think what he wants. What he thinks of his silly little wifelet is his noise, not mine or anyone else’s.

He’s also one of those strutting “J” journalists. He knows everything. I obviously know nothing. I remain patient and we’re still deeply in love.