Ease up, Maggie!

I’ve been so excited about getting things done today that I now have an “oy” headache already and it’s only about 8:30.

I woke at 3:00 and quickly checked to see if my funds were in yet. They were, so I was able to Xoom my share of household expenses to Tigger’s bank. Then I went back to sleep, cuddled Gizzie until 6:00, and decided to wrestle with everything else later.

Renewing my Walmart membership didn’t take long. Two minutes, maybe. Everything stayed the same otherwise. This email business via G Suite is the headache. Second Coffee should help.

New blogs for today have been started. Furniture has been moved. Accoutrements have been adjusted. Cat investigations continue. The sun is shining. Lily helped with bedmaking.

It’s 60°. Life is good.

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