Power to the People

We sent tens of thousands of line workers to help the states south of us, but left skeleton crews here for our people.

Thank you Dominion Energy and Xfinity for giving power to the people. We all know you are dedicated even when conditions are good, but at times like this, you seem to go above and beyond, and we’re most appreciative.

In a sense, Ida threw rocks at our house. It rained hard and the wind blew for an hour or so. Pop! Our lights went out and our wifi came to a halt. Silence. Twilight.

No livestream movies, of course, but both our phones and our tablets were charged, so we could read and check news sources especially through our phones because those particular providers were not so geographically local.

The outage happened at 5:00 p.m. By 8:00, everything was back to normal. There was one flash for five seconds, then the power remained on. Fans came on, the air conditioner came on, the lights were bright again. Wifi came back a few minutes later.

We are lucky to live here. We are incredibly First World. Considering where and how I’ve lived overseas, I never thought I’d be alive to admit this, but there you have it. I love Virginia!