Be True to Yourself; Reward Yourself.

This was a line from something we watched last night. It was one of the vignettes in Berlin, I Love You. This part was about a Palestinian girl who was a terrific taxi driver, proud to now be considered a Berliner. Her positivity was encouraging. This was one of her philosophies.

It is mine, too. As she did in her own way, she reached out positively, thus making others around her happy and thereby rewarding herself.

Sounding grouchy and swearing are part of my nature. I only do this externally out of habit. Internally I am exactly the opposite. I understand much more than I let on. I do those things that are considered my philosophical box of ooey-gooey choclit donuts.

I stand by my ethics. That means very little to other people, but it is who I am. I looked for options consistent with my ethics, such as Matt Mullenweg’s presence with WordPress. I went clear away from any SMS at all, in fact. I just didn’t need them. I love blogging and reading blogs.

And I appreciated the behaviors of the Walton’s two CEOs. They’re the reason I was happy to go to them. Plus, their fresh delivery is hands-down awesome and reasonable. I have not been sorry I changed.

Nook was a delightful surprise to me. Any books I’ve purchased or found free with them has saved me money and has integrated effectively with outside sources via .epub and .pdf. I have scored well.

Extra special to me was my life’s choice in acquiring a late-in-life perfect partner. After two strikeouts, to find such a wonderful BFF in my Tigger seemed impossible, but we did it! Never say never. This has been my best life reward and helped me be true to myself.

This bonus came with kitties.

Life can be rewarding when you make it so. This includes many other things.

And Happy 91st Birthday to Warren Buffett! He was my first and has been my longest enduring lifelong mentor and advisor.