Threatening Weather

It’s going to rain before the morning is out. This is not Ida yet. This is Chessie throwing a toddler tantrum. Bay babies. You can’t win.

Needless to say, the barometric pressure this morning is wonky. So am I. I am also in serious joint pain for this reason.

And irritated beyond all ken. I slept solidly for maybe 3 hours total. Then serious thrashing and chainsaws started around 1:30 and didn’t stop no matter the position.

It’s when he stops breathing that concerns me most. I stop breathing, too. The last time I breathed with that kind of synchronicity was when Mama was dying. We breathed in tandem every night/day for a week.

The latest medical studies indicate sleep apnea is becoming a large indicator of the potential for death. The very cynical part of me thinks part of that, at least, could be Death by Sleeping Partner.

I spent my time affected by this doing what I do best: thinking and solving other problems. What I covered will become another blog. Right now HMI Utilities is once again running a jackhammer and the immigrant Jolly Green Giant has the audacity at 8 a.m. to Ho-Ho-Ho through what should have been a peaceful and serene morning.

Did I mention I have a pounding headache?