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Well heck. The Babycat Gizzie alarm sounded at 6:31, about 5 minutes before actual sunrise. Tigger bounced out of bed, the cat choir echoed with their little breakfast orders, and I pushed myself up, remembering it was Wednesday. I wondered if my internal camel was a dromedary…or not. My legs said they really didn’t care.

It’s recyclables pickup day. The sound of squealing trash trucks early on makes my head hurt, yet helps me remember that being this old and hearing the squeals means I’m still breathing.


First Coffee. Excellent.

Morning Brew. Also excellent.

I caught, accidentally, that two government pinheads went to Afghanistan without permission. Why? I have no idea. Probably seeking a media op, which they were given, of course. I live for the day the media turns its collective backs on the tin soldiers. To heck with all of them. Especially that dumb blonde bimbo from Jawja. Garbage pickup day here is next Wednesday. Throw her out.

I took sides in the Walmart/Amazon wars. Go, Walmart!!! Bezos the Bubblehead has been soundly kicked in the butt. You probably already know that I quit Amazon entirely. I get my groceries delivered from Walmart. All other groceries come from Kroger. Miscellaneous items? Walmart. Books? Nook, aka Barnes & Noble.

I still have a bold and fiery side. Be aware. I should have this shirt.