Statistics drive me crazy, especially because they’re not a real part of me. In general, it’s not a worthwhile venture on my part because I’m really not into openly marketing myself.

The song “I’m Free” comes to mind.

But yesterday confounded me. I woke up to over 150 views. What?? The day ended at nearly 200. I was secretly hoping this was not going to be a thing. I love my regular friends here. We don’t very often speak. I’m perfectly fine with that. I read them, they read me, and we’re good.

And where did all the Facebookers come from?? Not me or a page I might have because Zuck the Schmuck is no friend of mine so I don’t have one. I will never have one again, in fact. As the saying goes, “Homey don’t play that game.” He wrongly picked on my mentor, Warren Buffett. He lost me in the process. He doesn’t care. Neither do I.

Keywords: moral ethics. He doesn’t have any.

It was as if there was a rush on my essays yesterday. Really? It just lasted the day. That’s fine with me. We seem to be back to normal today.


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