Redo. Again.

I need to learn to be true to myself. One of the things I need to remember is to live within my limitations, both financial and physical.

Financial, we have discussed. Physical is still a learning process. My lifestyle philosophy, thanks to my Grandma Greenwood, was instilled in me when I was very young. She said many times to look before you leap. Look hard. Plan. Think. And I can hear Daddy explaining the math for everything, as she had once taught him.

This explains why his tools and paperwork were always in immaculate order, just as his mama taught him. If you ever saw Grandpa’s workroom, you’d know two things: he didn’t listen to her and he wasn’t raised this way himself. (Grandma used to say he’s English, too, but nevermind that.)

So, anyway, I imported the other blogs over to this one, and we’ll just go with it. I just need to drive one car at a time. this will be it. The title and theme will probably change at some point. We’ll experiment.

You are so patient with me! Thank you!

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