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The Downs

My grandmother was considered a Hillfolk Healer. She came from stalwart, sturdy stock, the child of very brilliant lowland Scots, hailing from Greenock.

She knew her medicines well. There was nothing magical about it, as far as she was concerned. Everything she did or used was based in complete and utter logic – garlic, onions, turmeric, all of them, plus various plants and their parts. Sunflower seeds. Important. Dandelion wine. Also important. The list goes on.

My grandparents had 8 children, 4 girls, 4 boys. Of the boys, one was a minister. Of the girls, 2 were in nursing – and one a Methodist minister. Then there was Uncle John the Real Estate broker, my dad the automotive businessman, Uncle David who never lived past grade school, and Aunt Mary the teacher.

I have 32 cousins. We never see each other. That’s intentional. And that’s okay.

There has been a great deal of bitterness. My youngest sibling caused a great deal of it. I used to be embarrassed by her. Since I finally disowned the psycho, there are no problems left for me.

Many big stories, and little ones, abound. Watch for them. That is, if you’re interested.