Why I decided I needed to do this at 10:30 in the morning is beyond me. It messes with my morning routine. We have to leave here at 9:30.

At least there will be no doctors messing with me. For that I am already grateful. If anyone tries, I’ll simply tell them I’m doing it for Juliette, not the rest of them. I’m 68. This should be part of my routine, anyway.

They will not be allowed to misdiagnose me with some new thing they probably made up, like they did with mysterious sarcoidosis that they tried to make me believe was a death threat for me. It wasn’t. What these people actually found was a years old section of debris that finally broke loose when I had heart valve replacement surgery that I should have had when I was about 12.

There is a difference.

I used to believe doctors were all-knowing. I’ve studied and read enough to know more myself. It pays to learn.

See you soon.