Maybe I’m Amazed

When Zuck the Schmuck cut me off and deleted me for repeating something I had heard directly from Warren Buffett decades ago, I quit trying.

The reason he cut me off? Something not quite verbatim was posted on a fake Buffett Twitter site, and some Chinese “authority” who wasn’t there so long ago (I think they weren’t born yet) said he said nothing of the sort. They were actually very wrong in stupendous ways.

I’ve lived my life through Mr. Buffett’s thoughts. I have always considered him my mentor. This was a philosophy I learned from him at lunch one day at UNMC all those decades ago.

So they deleted me. Well, screw that. I can only be kicked in the gut so many times when I then start to realize this is something I can control. So I have. I’m never going back. I may be out of Zuck’s imposed purgatory, but he doesn’t deserve me. I’m better than that. I’m also not a brainless lemming like so many.

In fact, no SMS deserves me. They’re all gone out of my life. If you want to talk to me, you’ll find me here.

That’s one reason I’m here. Matt has much more class in his little pinky than either Zuck or Bezos.

I left Amazon, too. Everything I ever wanted can be found at WalMart or through Nook at equally viable prices and at sometimes better speed. Needless to say, I consider Bezos a spoiled brat, too. I hope NASA kicks him into a cement wall hard.