Reading by any name…

Is that what they think? I doubt it. I read online because I have no choice. After several TIAs, my eyes have finally hit old age. An eReader is my only real choice for adequate magnification. If I had a choice, I would still hold a book in my hand, smell the beauty of paper and ink, and continue to stack them everywhere. My library is still unbelievably large, my TBR huuge, my impulse control absolutely gone, and I’m perfectly satisfied.

Changes in the publishing world means small publishers have more of a chance and the entire business is once again changing. I used to work for a major publisher. It was too cutthroat for me with far too many mean people. That lasted two years. Over time I have noticed it has its own tectonic plate. Everyone is standing on it.

I never wanted to be a literary critic. Critics are just that: critical. In my world, what I have to say is always, always to be taken with grains of salt and considered personal. I don’t adhere to any rules. I am not an influencer of any kind. No one should ever consider me a voice of authority.