It’s Only the 11th…I Think…

When I was in accounting, I was busier than this by far. Unfortunately, I am still so efficient (insert eye roll here) that I’m done for Pete’s sake. I could even do the monthly statement already (2nd eye roll goes here), but my PayPal has that covered for me.

PayPal has never conned me. The reason, for me, is evident. I’m not trying to run any sort of business or side hustle. It costs me $5.00 to send $500.00 a month to Mark to pay my portion of the household bills, plus contribute to our investment account.They hold my direct deposit from Social Security for me without charge. I do have a prepaid card for which I pay $4.95 a month. That was my choice, and most banks have a fee like that.

I discovered, though, with banks in general, that you must keep minimum balances, apply for certain types of accounts, and they charge fees for everything.

This is like banking back home near Omaha. I trust them thoroughly, never have had a problem, and I feel like I’m doing it right.

I’m rich at heart, and part of it is because of how they treat me.

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